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Life Memberships

Life membership is the greatest award that a club member can possibly obtain.  It is recognition of an individuals outstanding commitment to the club both on and off the field.  To be nominated the club member must have contributed a minimum of 15 years service to the club.

City Marians Hockey Club Life Members
2017 Robert Cameron 1992 Ronnie Cock 1975 Ern Parker
2014 David Kenworthy 1986 Ross Cameron 1975 David Bissett
2014 Petrina Birtwistle 1985 Trudy Redman 1975 Brian Bissett
2014 Ricky Barrett 1985 Colleen Ingles 1969 Arch Hardy
2014 Trudy French 1985 Anthony Jago 1969 Laurie Andrson
2012 Geoffrey Hyland 1985 Wayne Garland
2009 Jill Cock 1985 Glen Cock
2009 Alison Lamprey 1985 Leon Goninon
2004 Craig McCarthy 1984 Graeme Goninon
2004 Rodney Evans 1981 Ian Cox
1997 Brett Rowsthorn 1980 John Hyde
1997 Janine Hawkins 1980 Ian Morrison
1997 Ellis Lamprey 1976 Bob Morrison
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